Advice from dad on resolving sleep issues

Advice from dad on resolving sleep issues
Advice from dad on resolving sleep issues | Kids in the House
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Advice from dad on resolving sleep issues


The sleep issues with my children and the way I handled it is probably my biggest regret from the beginning, the biggest mistake that I made raising my kids in the beginning. If I read somewhere in a book, somewhere in a video, someone told me along the line, and I listened to my gut feeling, and this is really important I think, in my case, you have to take a little extra time and listen to what your gut is telling you because it's gonna tell you the right thing, I believe. And I didn't listen to my gut. I read somewhere that at three-months old, they should get into the crib and if they scream, you let them scream for five minutes, two minutes, then you show your face, you go out again, and then somehow you teach your kids how to scream in their own room and eventually they'll be quiet and you get your bed to yourself and your wife hopefully. And I think that's a big mistake that I made. So one day, I had lunch with a good friend of mine and I explained to him what was going on. "My son is screaming. He's up all night and we're trying to teach him how to be in his own room." And he said, "You know, you're doing it wrong." Take this time when you have this time with your kids, let them be in your bed. I mean, what difference is it going to make? Another two years, another one year, another four years; we get these numbers in our head. And let them be in your bed. Let them sleep next to you, because you're never going to get that time back. You're never gonna get it back. It's a glorious moment in your life when you have your two-year old next to you in bed, you feel their breath against you. And if you give that away by putting them in their rooms screaming, you've lost it. You're not gonna get it back, so don't do that.


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Magnus Hellberg


Magnus Hellberg is the proud father of three, two girls and a boy. He thinks you just have to do the best you can raising your kids, and hold on for dear life, be kind yet fair,  and hope for the best. He feels there are no books than can prepare you for kids in the house, so you have to live it in the moment.

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