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The co-founder and CEO of and its parent company,, Elaine provides virtual training and coaching for parents of kids with complex needs. Often featured in national publications such as Attention and ADDitude magazines, Elaine is a regular...

Parenting in Complex Times
by Elaine Taylor-Klaus,, It may be the understatement of the year to say this, but sometimes you just have to speak the truth: We are parenting in complex times.
I walked into the kitchen for a quick break, recently, and my 13 year-old son looked up from his homework with sad, puppy-dog eyes. I suggested a fresh air break, even offered to go for a walk. Much to my surprise, he took me up on it! I guess it was time for a longer break than anticipated. When a spontaneous opportunity to date my kids magically appears, far be it from me to miss out!
For years, my son was a tad-bit on the moody side. It was almost as if his moods were always simmering, and you never knew when the pot would escalate to a rapid boil!  This is the same child who threw an all-out tantrum because we asked him to stop whining. A classic blame-thrower, he insisted: “Dad yelled at me! And besides, my throat is just scratchy.” Hmmm, sounded like whining on this end. But things are MUCH better now that my husband and I learned how to manage our son’s emotional intensity with more finesse.
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