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The co-founder and CEO of, a virtual training and coaching resource for parents of kids with ADHD and related challenges, Elaine is a writer for publications like Huffington Post, Attention and ADDitude magazines. A regular presenter at national conferences, such as CHADD (Children & Adults with ADD) and the LDA (Learning Disability Association of America), she serves on the national Board of Directors of CHADD, chairing the Affiliate Development & Support committee. She also serves as an expert voice for parents as part of Pfizer’s Making Moments education campaign, and has served as a parent advisor to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Quality Improvement Initiative on ADHD.

I walked into the kitchen for a quick break, recently, and my 13 year-old son looked up from his homework with sad, puppy-dog eyes. I suggested a fresh air break, even offered to go for a walk. Much to my surprise, he took me up on it! I guess it was time for a longer break than anticipated. When a spontaneous opportunity to date my kids magically appears, far be it from me to miss out!
For years, my son was a tad-bit on the moody side. It was almost as if his moods were always simmering, and you never knew when the pot would escalate to a rapid boil!  This is the same child who threw an all-out tantrum because we asked him to stop whining. A classic blame-thrower, he insisted: “Dad yelled at me! And besides, my throat is just scratchy.” Hmmm, sounded like whining on this end. But things are MUCH better now that my husband and I learned how to manage our son’s emotional intensity with more finesse.
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