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Teach Through Love

Lori Petro, BS Ed., is a Child Advocate, Certified Parent Educator and Mom. She founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help families heal multi-generational cycles of abuse and trauma by providing parents with tools for communicating and creating strong relationships with kids. As an adult with Aspergers, Lori understands the demands of parenting kids with special needs

Growing up, I received a lot of feedback about my behavior, but it wasn't the kind of feedback that helped me make better decisions. I know that you want to help your kids make better decisions, as did my parents, but something was missing. Lost in translation, you could say. When I was 38, I discovered that my quirks, gifts and more than a few of my struggles were the result of Asperger’s Syndrome.
"You're doing it wrong."  This is the message kids hear most often when we resort to punitive or harsh discipline. They don't hear - You made a mistake.This is hard.I am here to help.
When you become a parent, a light inside is awakened, and you are charged with the responsibility of illuminating the path for your children until they are old enough to hold the light for themselves. You shine it on the shadow parts so they can be seen, heard and transformed.You light up the scary and unknown with empathy, awareness and understanding. But what happens when the light is dimmed by your own stress or when the guidepost is not readily available, steady enough or held high enough?
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