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Kids In The House is the world’s largest parenting video library! Our editorial staff brings you the latest information on parenting subjects from how to get pregnant to sending your teenager off to college. Every week we focus on one topic to bring you parenting tips for all parenting styles from top our top experts!

Whether it's potty training or dealing with a picky eater, parenting a toddler can be a difficult experience. Kids In The House has gathered some of the best experts to help you and your toddler through these transitional years! Join us on Thursday, April 30th at 12:30pm PT for our live Q&A discussion! Our experts will be answering your questions!
Contest Steps 1. Create an "I Love Kids In The House!" Pinterest Board. 2. Create 15 pins with links to your favorite Kids In The House videos and pin them to your "I Love Kids In The House!" Pinterest Board. 3. Email the link to your "I Love Kids In The House!" Pinterest Board to by May 1st.
Does your child like playing sports? Could they be the next Lebron James or Serena Williams? We gathered some of our best sports experts to help answer all of your sports questions! Join us for our live Q&A discussion with John O'Sullivan and Natalie Hawkins on April 23rd at 12:30pm PT!
Are you tired? Do you feel like your baby is always crying? Join us on Thursday, April 16th at 12:30pm PT for our #KITHangout  dedicated to helping you get your baby to sleep. Join the discussion for a live Q&A with some of the top sleep experts in the country! Click here to RSVP and ask your questions.
Perhaps your child is the next Lebron James or Serena Williams? Or maybe they just love being with their friends and playing games. Whatever the case, sports are beneficial for any child and can help them in many aspects of their lives. Kids In The House has gathered some of the best sports doctors and experts to help you raise a healthy, happy, athletic child. Here is their advice for what to do before, during and after a game. Before A Game
Having a new baby in the house is both exciting and exhausting. Many parents find themselves asking, “Will I every sleep again?” Kids In The House has interviewed experts from across the country to help both you and baby sleep through the night. Here are their answers to the top four most frequently asked questions on getting baby to sleep. How should I soothe my baby in the middle of the night?
As parents, we hope to protect our children from the hardships of life. But unfortunately, our children will eventually experience the loss of a family member or friend or may feel the effects of a debilitating sickness. How do we prepare them for these experiences? How do we help them build the strength they need to overcome the pain and heartbreak they will feel? Kids In The House has interviewed many psychologists and parents to share with you these four tips to help build resilience in your child. 1. Show your child unconditional love.
According to the National Centers for Education Statistics, over 1.77 million students are being educated at home and this trend is continuing to rise.
What is the secret to building a healthy relationship? Roman Krznaric’s answer is EMPATHY. Roman has spent years studying empathy and the current empathy deficit the world is facing. Whether you are trying to help your toddler through a tantrum or connect with an emotional teenager, empathy is the key to unlock a realm of understanding and patience between you and those around you.
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, five million students are attending private school in the U.S. this year. Deciding to send your child to private school is an important decision to make as a family. Generally, private schools are more academically rigorous and can cost close to $40,000 annually. If your family has made this choice, Kids In The House experts have tips from how to navigate the interview to how to afford it each year.
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