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Defiance and Back Talk

Stop Kids Talking Back With This One Easy Trick

Nobody wants to raise a child who's sassy or disrespectful. Children are gonna be disrespectful and talk back, and use sass mouth, at different stages of their lives for different reasons. The cure for back talk is actually pretty simple. It is, your child talks back to you, don't acknowledge, don't receive, don't respond, give your child what I call the stink eye. 

Appropriate Response to Talking Back

After you ignore your child talking back to you, pause, and walk away, because you're gonna come back 20 minutes later, a half hour, that night at tuck time. When it is the right time, reach out to your child and subtly question their actions. An example would be: Hey buddy, what was going on with that? You spoke to me like I was dirt. That's not an okay way to talk to me. I don't talk to you that way. By following this procedure, your child will understand that talking back is not respectable and this should minimize their further use of talking back to you. 

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