Private school kindergarten tips for getting accepted

See Sandy Eiges, MA's video on Private school kindergarten tips for getting accepted...
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Private school kindergarten tips for getting accepted

Private Kindergarten, first of all, will take a look at your child's birthday and whether or not they fit into that Kindergarten cutoff. Some schools are a little more lenient about the date, some schools are not. You will complete an application. You will go on a tour. You will also have a parent interview. There will be a child assessment and a visit to the preschool to observe your child, and there may be a group assessment at the same time. The school is looking at a whole range of factors when looking at Kindergarten acceptance. In order to get accepted at a school, first of all, you need to be the right fit for that school. If you are the type of family that they have and they are comfortable with you, then often times, family fit can be most important. Not that your child doesn't matter, but some schools are looking for more of the whole package. Some schools really are looking at a child's assessment and how they do on a particular Kindergarten assessment. They will score that assessment and then look at other factors. There is no easy answer about how to get into Kindergarten, but to some extent, it does depend on both the family and the child.

See Sandy Eiges, MA's video on Private school kindergarten tips for getting accepted...


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Sandy Eiges, MA

Education Consultant

Originally from New York, Sandy Eiges holds a master's degree in Social Work, and has worked in and around education her entire professional career. She has served as executive director for Save the Children's field office in Jerusalem, where she created and published a cultural diversity curriculum for grades 5-9. This curriculum was subsequently adopted by the Israel Ministry of Education. She also served on the executive board of UNICEF in Israel and created and ran after-school programs for latch-key children. She was, at one time, a charter school developer for a start-up Reggio-inspired K-8 school. Sandy was also the charter school developer for YouthBuild Charter School of California, a high school diploma program for out of school/out of work youth, located in Watts, East Los Angeles and El Monte; for which she also served as interim principal. She has a child who attended a Reggio-inspired preschool and who now attends a project-based elementary school. Inspired by her own quest for the right schools for her daughter, and her extensive research into schools in Los Angeles, Sandy started L.A. School Scout LLC. For the past six years she has helped families looking for the right fit in preschools, elementary schools, middle and high schools for their children.

When she’s not helping families find the school that’s right for them, she’s enjoying time at home with her relentlessly curious and brilliantly creative daughter, who is a constant inspiration for the hopes, dreams and ideas that drive her life. LA School Scout helps families make informed and thoughtful choices about the schools that will best suit them. Our mission is to promote, encourage and applaud children's enthusiasm for school and learning; take the mystery and anxiety out of the school finding process for parents; and provide families with comprehensive information on all of their educational choices.

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