Best programs for gifted children

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Best programs for gifted children

If your child is gifted, there are a number of things that you can do. First, depending on what their age is, if you seriously think that they're gifted and everyone else seems to think so too, you might want to get them tested by a pediatric neuro-psychologist who specializes in that kind of IQ testing. And that will give you a real indication whether your child is gifted. There are gifted programs in public schools; generally they do not start until first or second grade, or even third grade. Public schools can often accommodate gifted children if they group children by ability from day one, even starting in kindergarten. So one of the things you can do is if your child is slated for public school, ask whether the school ability groups or not. If they don't and the teacher is differentiating in the classroom and observe a classroom where she's truly differentiating for different levels of kids, fine. Otherwise, you might have to consider a private school that either specializes in working with gifted kids or has a more advanced academic program.

Watch Video: Best programs for gifted children by Sandy Eiges, MA, ...


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