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How is clay art beneficial for kids?

Posted June 11, 2021 - 1:46am
As a mother of two kids, I have seen clay art as a therapeutically beneficial hobby in many ways. The role of clay modelling in early life has its benefits. Art clay for kids gets used for enhancing your toddler's creativity and learning. Clay art has its advantages, particularly for children. Here are some of them that your kids can learn from clay play: •Improves hand-eye coordination: It is when we use the information in our eyes to guide our hands during a task. Hand-eye coordination gets greatly improved by working with clay. •Boosts' creativity: Art clay for kids enables your child to express their imagination by moulding one-of-a-kind clay products per their desire. •Develops motor skills: These skills include the growth of muscle mass in the arms and fingers. It is equivalent to having good hand-eye coordination.
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