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I'm a research junky. I ask questions like crazy and I'm not satisfied until I know absolutely everything about the topic at hand. And I mean everything! My brain can't store all that information, so I find it helpful to write it down. And this stuff takes time to research and digest, so I may as well share it as I go, and save everyone else the time, right? Greenopedia is my way of sharing well-researched information that help busy women to make better decisions for themselves and their family. As the name "Greenopedia" suggests, our solutions all have a sustainable bend. But we focus on what's best for you first and foremost -- the sustainability of these decisions is just an added bonus.
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I love that Kids in the House recognizes how busy life can be, and I agree with their philosophy of making information quick and easy. We're sharing Greenopedia articles with Kids in the House for exactly that reason. Some of the articles are written by me and some are written by experts I've found along the way. I hope you find them helpful!!

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