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lovable fire drill practice TV commercial --A family running to the oak tree--This lovable family should be put into a TV show

Posted March 7, 2021 - 2:52pm
love commercial with the amazing family with the fire drill practice -- they are running from their home to the oak tree-- This family has so much energy and love-- I want this family to somehow be  put into their own TV  drama  -- ( MAYBE somehow create a story with the family and put them in an episode of Station 19 --  ) MAYBE PUT THE FAMILY IN A NON-COVID WORLD -- enough covid-- I WANT THE FAMILY  TO LIVE IN A NON COVID WORLD--we are all sick of seeing tv characters living in a covid world-- This  family is super amazing -- If  a drama is created using this family then we can create a story with the family -- I want to know where the dad works -- I want to see the kids and dad talking to each other -- I want to see how the family deals with many family related issues-- I want to see how the family interacts with their friends and neighbors... I want to see how the kids deal with school issues maybe the family could have just moved to a  new neighborhood...
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