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Montessori education a failure?

Posted September 5, 2017 - 10:40pm

I and my husband had a discussion on our son's schooling last week. He is not due to start Kindy until 2018 so we have enough time to make decisions on it.
Between the talk, he told about his brother who went to a Montessori school and is a real loser. And because of this, my DH has really put off 'Montessori' education. He does realize that this not solely the fault of the curriculum and the more fault lies with his brother than the school.
But I happened to read this blog ( which lists out some really good benefits of Montessori schooling for different age groups. It was written that it will help a lot to increase the practical knowledge that he needs in his future. I was taken away with this idea and I wanted my son also to undergo Montessori education. This is mainly because I think kids should learn everything through different plays that they should enjoy learning. And Montessori schools will not forcefully impart any educational method to your child.
Anyway, I want to know whether anyone here been to a Montessori school as a kid? Would you care to share your experience? Did you have a happy schooling?

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