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Reading Head Start

Posted January 4, 2021 - 10:19pm
Hey all, I'm new to the site here. My name is Chris and I'm looking for some opinions. I came across this program called reading head start, has anyone ever heard of it? It seems to have mixed reviews out there on the web. While I'm trying to be the best father I can be, reading is not my strong suit. I've never been good at reading and looking back it was hard for me in school because of it. I actually remember praying that the teacher would not call on me to read out loud in class the next day. I don't want the same struggles I had happen to me to happen to my kids. For that reason I ended up looking for a program to help me teach them to read early on. I just got finished watching a video over 20 minutes long about the program. It seems like a good thing if you've ever been worried about being embarrassed in front of your friends for not being able to read as well as other kids, but I just don't want to get scammed. Im putting the link that I clicked to watch the video in case anyone has extra time and wants to see what I saw, then give their opinion. Thanks in advance. Reading Head Start Link,
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