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Son treats mother differently

Posted June 8, 2021 - 8:10pm
Hi, I’m new to this whole parenting thing so it may just be me. I have a 2 yr 3mo old son, he is very smart, recognizing most conversations you have w him (to a 2 yr old standard) and I’ve never had issues with things he has said in response to something (granted it’s normally yes or no) but he does well answering if I ask him something. So, his “Mimi” or moms mother, is quite frankly an awful person, her children are undisciplined, get zero attention, she’s never taken them to park, zoo, anything ever, seriously I’ve seen her hug one once and me and my child’s mom were together almost 8 years. She is a govt benefit leech, she is a liar and manipulator of people, and there isn’t a day that goes by when I finally get into the daycare I want my son in (I’m on 5 waitlists and corona virus has made it tougher to get in places), my family works and is constantly busy while “Mimi” sits at home all day collecting that govt check, so she keeps my son while I’m working. Now, she is very good to my son as far as I can tell and my son loves her, it shows, but I can’t help but wonder. My son plays w my mother, calls her his “geegee” and does some things w her but that’s about where it ends, he doesn’t show love like w his Mimi (hugs when we leave, doesn’t show a lot of interest in doing things w her on his own free will, even smacks at her when she tries to hug him or kiss him or even tell him goodbye, my current situation I live w my parents, he adores my dad and my sisters and niece but acts so much differently towards my mom it’s very odd to me. It’s to the point where I’m very frustrated as to why he’s doing this to only my mom out of everyone he sees daily. I know it sounds like I may be tripping, but the other day when we leave he does his normal she and I ask to hug my mom and he runs off and refuses to do it, and we get out to the car for me to go to work and when I ask him why don’t upyou hug Gigi bubs, he replies Mimi, I don’t say anything, wait a few seconds, then ask again which his response is again, Mimi. So I ask if Mimi says no about Gigi and he doesn’t even acknowledge the question and looks into the air away from me and basically hums like a uuuuhhhhhmmmmmm pondering type noise. I may be over thinking this but my child’s grandmother is a smile in your face then as soon as you leave she’ll call you every name in the book, I know cuz her daughter, child’s mom tells me this. My child’s mom doesn’t see her telling him anything but she isn’t really in the picture 100% of the time because of personal choices she makes she can only visit my son at her moms house and it’s a guess if she shows up and what time that is. Am I worrying about nothing or should I have reason to suspect that my child’s grandma is telling my son things about my mother that if I find out about, will make it a much much easier choice to never let that side of the family EVER see my child again, sorry for the long story but I felt like I needed to include all things.
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