Newborn necessities

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Newborn necessities

Some of the things you will need when bringing home baby is, number one, an aspirator. It has a blue bubble on the top and a hose to suck out the throat, and also, to clear any blockages from the nose. Number two, you definitely want swaddle blankets. If it's hot, if it's during the summer, the best type that you can get are made of muslin. It's a very thin material. They are breathable so the baby isn't too hot, but they are nice and swaddled. Number three, you definitely want to have some Mylecon handy. You can get it at your local drugstore. Mylecon handles a gassy baby in a matter of five to ten seconds. You also want to get gripe water. A good brand that makes it is called, Little Tummies. You can also get it at your local drugstore. This handles hiccups. Hiccups don't bother a newborn baby, but they do keep them awake. You also want to keep some sort of a wrap, so if you want to keep mobile around the house, you can carry the baby with you. I recommend a mobi wrap. Definitely a syringe, in case you need to give the baby some prune juice or something of the sort, if the baby isn't going to the bathroom. Anything you need to give them, you can give them through a syringe. Those things I definitely recommend when bringing home baby.

Watch Andra Clark's video on Newborn necessities...


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Andra Clark

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Andra is a mom of a 15 month-old, a business owner and a doula. In her free time she loves the outdoors. She enjoys camping with her family in their 1985 old-school motor home, listening to her collection of records, swimming, barbequeing, fishing, boating, shooting guns at the firing range, reading, dancing, doing yoga, and playing music (as she is also a musician and actress). She is a tomboy with a girly flare and very much a free spirit. Her daughter is her heart and soul and truly her very best friend, besides her husband. Her family loves to be together, sharing in spontaneous adventures!

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