Toddlers who hit

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Toddlers who hit

Dealing with a toddler that hits, is a very trying thing. By trying, I mean, I tried a lot of different ways. I tried smacking back. I tried flicking back. I tried timeout. I tried it all. If you have a very determined child who is also bright, all those things are going to get you is more smacking. What I have done is, I've taken my daughter's hand down and explained to her that there is a cause and effect. I don't think she understood that by smacking me, she was hurting me or that I didn't like it. When I sat down and explained to her, "If you smack me," and I would smack my hand down and make a thud, she started to understand that the smacking does have an effect. When she got that, she would go to smack me and stop herself and say, "No, no." She understood that smacking me had an effect. Once I empowered her with that knowledge, she decided on her own she shouldn't do it.

Learn about: Toddlers who hit from Andra Clark,...


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Andra is a mom of a 15 month-old, a business owner and a doula. In her free time she loves the outdoors. She enjoys camping with her family in their 1985 old-school motor home, listening to her collection of records, swimming, barbequeing, fishing, boating, shooting guns at the firing range, reading, dancing, doing yoga, and playing music (as she is also a musician and actress). She is a tomboy with a girly flare and very much a free spirit. Her daughter is her heart and soul and truly her very best friend, besides her husband. Her family loves to be together, sharing in spontaneous adventures!

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