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Certified Nurse Midwife Naomi Hannah, CNM, explains the midwife intervention rates when having your baby in the hospital with a midwife
Suzanne Barston, CLC
Welcome to the Share Your Story event: Childbirth – Your Stories read more
Get every detail that you could ever need to know about preparing for your planned c-section. Dr. Lauren Hyman lists out everything that you need to bring and do to make... read more
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the differences between using piton to augment labor and induce labor and how pitocin can be helpful during labor when contractions are... read more
Obstetrician Gynecologist Lauren D. Hyman, shares tips for soon-to-be first time moms on what to expect when at the hospital to deliver their first baby
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the standard tests and procedures that are performed on NICU babies, depending on the baby's time spent in the NICU
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains how the labor and birth experience with an induction are different from ones without an induction
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, shares advice on routine procedures that are done with the baby after delivery and which ones are most important to make sure you get
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the APGAR and other basic tests that are performed on a baby shortly after birth in order to ensure he or she is healthy
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, shares advice for pregnant women on what to expect during the procedure of giving birth at the hospital
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the factors that may mean a mother needs to have an induction and risks associated with inductions
OBGYN Mike Brisinger, MD, explains whether or not it is safe to eat or drink while in labor, and why it can be a bad idea if you have to have an emergency section
OBGYN Mike Brisinger, MD, explains when the best time to go to the hospital is when going into labor, depending on various personal factors
See Marni Ayers's video on Natural birth and induction...
Author Suzanne Barston explains how to tell when inducing labor may be necessary and why it is very beneficial to get an epidural when being induced
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