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Considering Treatment Options for Infertility

Jun 13, 2014

Sometimes, when a couple is trying to conceive, it will take a long time before they finally get a positive on their pregnancy test. Other times, though, that positive will never come and the couple will begin to get nervous. Fertility specialist Dr. Richard Marrs says that testing for infertility should begin if a couple has been trying to conceive for six months and has had no success. At that point, the couple should go to a doctor for testing. If the test results do determine infertility, they have treatment options to consider. Here is what to expect when considering treatment options for infertility.

At your first visit with an infertility doctor, you can expect to have lots of time to talk to the doctor about what is going to happen next. According to fertility specialist Dr. Kari Sproul, the doctor will go through what options are out there and why some tests or treatments are used. By getting educated on the infertility treatments, the patients will feel like they are getting back some of the control they lost when they learned about their infertile diagnosis. A diagnosis of infertility can be emotionally very hard to handle even when you know there are many treatments out there. Learning about all of the treatment options and what each option entails will help you feel a little more in charge of your situation.  

It is widely known that younger women have a better chance of getting pregnant, but there are some signs that a woman under 35 may need to consider infertility treatment options. If a young woman is having trouble conceiving, she may have damaged fallopian tubes or damage from a pelvic inflammation. Infertility specialist Dr. David Tourgeman says the woman could not be ovulating correctly, which could make it harder or impossible for her to become pregnant. If a woman in her late twenties or early thirties is finding it impossible to conceive, she should start looking into infertility treatments sooner rather than later.

It can be hard to decide whether or not you need infertility treatment. It’s always difficult when your body has problems that cannot be naturally fixed. If you are trying to conceive and it isn’t happening, it could be time to consider treatment options for infertility. Talk to your doctor and find out what treatments would be best for you and your situation. 

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There are a few different options and it can be really hard to understand everything so make sure to talk through everything with your doctor.

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