Lusting to be a parent

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Lusting to be a parent

I love lusty people. I love people who have a lust for life, a lust for a good meal, a lust for a good talk, a good you-know-what, a happy life, a happy family, a baby. Lust is a beautiful quality. It’s also a very uninteractive quality, because you become so lusty, so tunnel vision that you forget to have perspective. You forget to ask yourself the important questions. And actually lusty people can be needy people. Needy people needing to fill a hole as well because of something that they’re missing. So it’s very important on the path to parenthood that you know that you definitely want to be a parent. And on this baby lusty path to parenthood, which I completely relate to, you don’t ask yourself this question. Are you willing to give up your freedom? Are you willing to put your heart on the altar of motherhood? Are you willing to have your children break your heart? Are you willing to have your heart walk outside of you, in front of you, like this, like the little toddler and make all of these sacrifices? And the answer is likely going to be yes, because it is one of the greatest experiences you will ever experience in your life. Your heart will grow a million times. It will multiply and become bigger and greater. And everything in your life becomes bigger and greater through parenthood. But if as you go through the process of lusting for these babies you don’t ask yourself these important questions, you will lose yourself along the way. And maybe, for me at least along the journey of baby lust and then discovering that I had fertility issues, I had to begin to ask myself these questions because there was time to ask them. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to become a parent, so I had to ask myself these questions. And I felt in the end I would probably adopt, no matter what. I was going to be somebody’s mother. I was really clear about that. But at the time, the fertility issues afforded me the opportunity to step out of my lust and get a little clearer on what my purpose was and if I really wanted to be a parent. It was a very valuable time. And recently a dear friend of mine has had fertility issues and she has discovered that she doesn’t want to be a mom as she’s gone through this journey of seeing how much she wants it and how much is she really driven by her lust for parenthood. And she’s decided that it’s not for her. So I really applaud her for her integrity in discovering that. So all these lusty qualities in life are beautiful. But we have to remember to step away from our passion, get some detachment, and ask some good questions.
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Watch Elisabeth Rohm's video on Lusting to be a parent...


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Elisabeth Rohm

Mom, Actress, Author

Seen to many as a supermom, actress Elisabeth Röhm has been successfully juggling a full time job as a mother and actress over the past few years. Not only is she a successful film and T.V star, she also has a published book, and a weekly celebrity mom blog on that reaches over a million readers—it is amazing that she stays beautiful, healthy and positive while managing to be consistently by her daughter’s side. Currently, Elisabeth plays "Amanda" on the new CBS TV series Stalker.
These past couple years were eventful as Röhm was seen in several feature films. She starred in Warner Bros.’ thriller Transit across James Caviezel, produced by Joel Silver. She teamed up with Kyra Sedgwick and Vincent Donofrio in Chlorine. Elisabeth shot the Lionsgate feature by Brian A. Miller, title Officer Down, as well as Darkroom, an independent feature directed by Britt Napier and produced by Michael A. Liberty and Ron Stein (The Kids Are Alright). Last year, Elisabeth also starred in David O. Russell’s critically acclaimed film, American Hustle, co-starring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence. Röhm, along with her cast won the SAG Outstanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture Award. 
Elisabeth was also seen on the Lifetime TV Show, The Client List, as “Taylor Berkhalter”. Her character is a mother who is in continuous competition with Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt). She also has written a book, Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected), that came out just last year. Elisabeth has always been very open about her struggles getting pregnant and going through the challenges of IVF. The book tells the often hidden truth behind infertility. As she struggled with infertility, she kept it to herself, but now for the first time she reveals the whole story, learning about and accepting her infertility, the disappointment, the stress and the shame. 
Born in Europe, yet a U.S. citizen, Röhm was raised in New York City. Her first childhood interest was riding horses, for which she trained intensively. By the time she entered Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, her goals shifted to writing in the form of fiction and history. It was during college when Röhm fell in love with acting. After receiving her degree, she quickly found work on the soap opera One Life to Live and followed it up with a long line of recurring appearances on the WB television show, Angel. However, most know Röhm best as the “A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn” on the NBC staple series, Law & Order where Dick Wolf, creator/producer of Law & Order praised her as “one of the finest young actresses working in television.” She went on to star as “Alex Mason,” a love interst to Michael Vartan’s character, in the ABC drama Big Shots and later returned to NBC as a new addition to the cast of the cult-favorite Heroes.
Röhm has also starred in numerous films including Abduction alongside Taylor Lautner and Sigourney Weaver, Miss Congeniality 2, starring Sandra Bullock, and Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry.  She starred in Kreutzer Sonata, an independent project co-starring Danny Huston and starred opposite James Caan in the film Barry Minkow. You can expect great things from her entering the next couple years. 
The desire to seek new challenges is not unusual for someone so multi-talented. Röhm is writing a cookbook (brilliantly titled “The Wooing of the gay Man and the Actress”) as she loves to cook, sings, and continues to ride horses; she also includes hiking, biking, skiing, yoga, traveling and studying architecture among her hobbies. Being that she believes in health and being active, she is developing a gym franchise and has already invested in Circuit Works located in Brentwood, CA and is a co-owner for a juice bar called REJUICE located in Santa Monica. She supports The Red Cross, The Go Red Foundation, Healthy Child Healthy World and as a whole does what she can to support children and women in need globally.
Röhm welcomed her first child, a girl named Easton, on April 10, 2008. She retains residences in New York, Venice, CA, and in Holland.
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