Miscarriage experience

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Miscarriage experience

My experience of having a miscarriage was -- I've had four. It was incredibly painful. I never realized how incredibly painful it was, both physically and mentally, it was having a miscarriage. Going through the excitement that I was pregnant, and realizing that the pregnancy wasn't viable or it happened naturally. All of a sudden, I woke up one day and I was realizing that I was having a miscarriage. How sad it was. I think that the most important thing was realizing that this is a loss. Allowing myself to tell the story, and not to be ashamed of what was going on. It was just my body doing what it needed to do. It was also really important for me, having a doctor who was there for me. Allowing me to come into the office, when the other mothers who were there who were pregnant -- I didn't have to sit in the waiting room with them around. They put me off into a separate room. They allowed me to go through the emotions, and to feel the pain, physically and emotionally, that I was going through.
PREGNANCY, Miscarriage and Loss

Watch Helena Heyman's video on Miscarriage experience...


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Helena Heyman

Literary Manager & Mom

Helena Heyman is a yoga-loving, working mother of three children aged seven, five and four months. She lives in the Los Angeles area, where she works as a literary manager. 

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