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Pregnancy Safety Videos

Philippe Friedlich, MD, explains the risks that are associated with planning the delivery before the term date, while the baby is still developing
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Whether you are pregnant or trying-to-conceive, it is imperative that you avoid consuming alcohol and using drugs in order to achieve a safe, full-term pregnancy.
Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, explains how much caffeine is safe during pregnancy, and why we need to consider hidden sources of caffeine.
Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, shares advice for women about the potential dangers of consuming soft cheese and raw milk during pregnancy
Tamara Ellise Rubin, Executive Director of Lead Safe America Foundation, explains the effects that lead poisoning can have on fertility and pregnancy
Alan Greene, MD, explains the miraculous miracle of pregnancy and how babies develop from one cell during conception to the time that they're born
Alan Greene, MD, shares advice for women on how to have a green pregnancy in order to protect their baby from many harmful chemicals
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, addresses concerns for women who are pregnant and sick on how pregnancy affects your cold or flu, and how to best treat your sickness
Prenatal Chiropractor Elliot Berlin, DC, explains the benefits of prenatal massages for pregnancy women and how they are safe for the mother and her baby
Tom Williams, PhD, explains which exercises and sports are safe to do during your pregnancy, and which ones should be avoided
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, shares advice on how to make a pregnancy plan for your antidepressant medications when trying to get pregnant
Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Mommy Greenest, shares advice for pregnant women on how to have a healthy pregnancy and avoid any toxic substances you may be unaware of
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains the effects antidepressants have on women trying to get pregnant
Psychologist & Postpartum Specialist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, explains the safety of taking antidepressant medications while pregnant and whether or not it is recommended
OBGYN Jay Goldberg, MD, explains the best over-the-counter medications to take while pregnant, and which ones you should check with your doctor before taking
OBGYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, explains whether or not it is safe to have a flu shot during your pregnancy, and when it is recommended to get a flu shot while pregnant
OBGYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, explains the best non-medical modalities that can be used during pregnancy, and the different pregnancy symptoms they can help with
See Ling Wong, MS, CHC's video on Is coffee safe during pregnancy?...
Obstetrician Mike Brisinger, MD, explains whether or not it is safe to use spray tans or tanning beds during pregnancy
OBGYN Shamsah Amersi, MD, explains the effects and risks that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have on a baby
OBGYN Anthony Chin, MD, shares advice on traveling while pregnant and at what period during a pregnancy it is not recommended to travel
OBGYN Anthony Chin, MD, explains the effects that drinking and doing drugs before you knew about your pregnancy have on your baby
OBGYN Anthony Chin, MD, shares advice which hair dyes and treatments to avoid during pregnancy, and which trimester is most important to avoid them
Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company, shares advice on how to create a healthy environment during your pregnancy
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