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Pros and Cons of Circumcision

The pros and cons of circumcision is something that's hotly debated right now. The pros of circumcision is that it does reduce the risk of cancer of the penis from almost nothing to more or less nothing. It does seem to reduce the risk of getting HIV or AIDS by about 50 percent. It does also reduce the risk of getting HPV or papilloma virus infection, which can cause cancer in the woman and the man. Also, it may reduce other infections. The cons of circumcision, or the disadvantages, that it's a surgical procedure. It requires, usually, some anesthesia. It has the risk of causing infection, bleeding, damage to the penis, and it also is painful for the child, often. And the hottest topic right now, is it actually ethical, is it okay to surgically alter a newborn, healthy boy just because you want to?






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