Choosing not to circumcise

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Choosing not to circumcise

I chose not to circumcise my three boys because I did a lot of research beforehand that I couldn´t find a good enough reason to do it. The common misperceptions are that the foreskin is unhygenic, that it is prone to STDs. All of these things are myths. When you do research, you can understand some of the reasons people do circumcise. I think most people choose circumcision because of traditions, social norms. I just wasn´t willing to cut my children based on those preconceived ideas. It was a bit of a hot topic for my husband and I because he is circumcised and he was concerned about his children being different. And I asked him to do the same research before that decision to circumcise my children. And in the end, if my children choose to be circumcised in the future, it´s totally up to them.

Learn about: Choosing not to circumcise from Stephanie Caspian,...


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Stephanie Caspian

Preschool Director and Mom

Stephanie Caspian owns a child-directed preschool and daycare called Maple Tree where they practice nonviolent communication (NVC). She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and three boys. Stephanie is the president of the board of Manhattan Beach Nursery School and an assistant den leader for the Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts of America. Her spiritual practice is Nichiren Buddhism in the Soka Gakkai and she dedicates her spare time to the SGI-USA, an international organization that promotes peace, culture and education in the community.

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