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Valerie Rosas
The reaction that I get when I explain to someone what it is I do for a living goes a little something like this… “you do what?!?” or they just stare... read more
Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, shares his top tips on how to have a "green" childbirth, and why it is important to plan your childbirth out with a birth plan
Obstetrician Gynecologist Lauren Hyman, MD, explains what the Lamaze childbirth techniques is, and how it focuses on the importance of natural child birth
Learn about: What is The Bradley Method? from Zoe Rogers,...
Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD, explains the differences between water labor and water birth, and the advantages and disadvantages of each
Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD, explains what the various positions are for women during delivery and childbirth
Professional Doula Ana Paula Markel, shares advice for pregnant women on what the various pros and cons of having a water birth at home are
Suchada Eickemeyer, Natural Parenting Blogger, explains how water birth is safe for newborns, and how to perform a water birth safely
Watch Marni Ayers's video on Creating the childbirth environment you want...
Learn the benefits of having a water birth, including how it helps with pain management and making a natural childbirth much easier
View Giuditta Tornetta's video on Steps to having a painless childbirth...
Watch Video: Choosing water birth by Stephanie Caspian, ...
Stephanie Caspian explains how the Bradley Method helped her prepare for childbirth at home and the other ways share benefitted from natural childbirth the Bradley way
Suchada Eickemeyer, Mother and Blogger, shares advice on how her miscarriage greatly changed her view of pregnancy and childbirth
Watch Stephanie Caspian's video on Water birth versus home birth...
Watch Video: The experience of water birth by Suchada Eickemeyer, ...
Dani Klein Modiset describes her unique and unexpected journey of giving birth and how she was prepared to have an unplanned c-section. Watch this video to learn more.
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