What is The Bradley Method?

Learn about: What is The Bradley Method? from Zoe Rogers,...
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What is The Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method is partner coached childbirth. It's having it be the partner that advocates for the mother who has informed him of her choices, her birth plan, what phrases are reassuring to her to help her get through transition and difficult contractions. They talk a lot about what to do to support the mother emotionally and physically and how to advocate for her in the hospital. For us, my husband gave me a lot of reassuring phrases that we discussed before hand. "Your body is doing a great job." "Everything is going well." "The baby is doing well." "We're almost done." But he also advocated for me to the nurses and the doctor, so I didn't have to argue and discuss the details of my birth plan. I could just be in labor and he could be the bad guy whenever somebody wanted to discuss a choice that we had made.
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Learn about: What is The Bradley Method? from Zoe Rogers,...


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