Life with a two year old

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Life with a two year old

Life at home with a typical two year old is never dull. It is a very cute kind of chaos. It is a really wonderful experience because that is the age when they are taking in these concepts and sort of letting you know for the way they believe they perceive the world. You are sort of guiding them through the understanding of the way things work and how we do things. But they also aren't quite the social gurus we would like them to be. There is a lot of screaming and "I don't want to" and "I want that first". That can be exhausting. So there is a lot of deep breathing involved. But there is also a lot of real sweetness. For a lot of kids this is the age before they get embarrassed when you hug and kiss them in front of their friends. So there is a lot of snuggling in. My youngest is very sweet. He will throw a huge tantrum about refusing to eat something, but then he will give me a hug and say, "Cuddle, cuddle, love, love, snuggle." It is extremes of cuddling and love. And the extremes of "I refuse to take a nap" and "I will not do anything that you want me to". But it is a short phase and so you sort of enjoy all the bumps along the way.
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Watch Zoe Rogers's video on Life with a two year old...


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Zoe Rogers


Zoe Rogers lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids, ages six and two. 

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