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Public nursing tips

Overcoming the awkwardness, sometimes, of nursing I did with a lot of humor. I felt like this was a choice that we had made for our child and I knew that everybody wasn't going to be comfortable with it. I didn't want to be butting heads with people all the time about my parenting, so I just tried to handle it with humor. I was at dinner once, and I had somebody say, "Are you going to do that here?" I thought, "Well, everybody is eating dinner. He's got to eat, too." He said, "Are you going to do that here?" And I said, "Where do you suggest I feed him?" He said, "In the bathroom." I remember thinking, "That's ridiculous." So I said, "Are you going to eat your dinner in the bathroom? Are we all going to sit on the bathroom floor? He's a person. He has to eat, too." I handled it with humor every time it came up, instead of saying, "You're a jerk. You're insensitive. You don't know what you are talking about." I would simply say, "We all have to eat. Are you going to wait two hours until everyone has your dinner? I don't think so, and neither is he." I tried to handle it as smoothly as I could, and making sure that nobody got their feelings hurt. I just feel like, I have to feed my son, that's my job. If you are uncomfortable with it, that's your issue, not mine.

View Zoe Rogers's video on Public nursing tips...


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Zoe Rogers lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids, ages six and two. 

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