Night weaning tips

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Night weaning tips

Tips for night weaning. My first tip would be to discuss it with your pediatrician because we made sure that our kids were at the right age, weight, and development. We weren't withholding something that they needed. We got clearance from our pediatrician before we would talk about night weaning at all. From there, we sort of went with what they needed. If they didn't need to eat at night, they needed comfort, so my husband would go in at night. Show them, somebody is here for you, you have comfort, you have love and you are safe. You don't really need to eat right now. My husband would go in and cuddle with them and get them back to bed. They would eat as much as they wanted during the day.

Watch Video: Night weaning tips by Zoe Rogers, ...


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Zoe Rogers lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids, ages six and two. 

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