Tips to help with nursing

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Tips to help with nursing | Kids in the House
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Tips to help with nursing

Nursing is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. People should know that, they have to learn how to do it like everything else. Your baby has to learn and you have to learn. One of my best tips is to be patient and to seek out help, whether it's a friend who nursed her baby for two years, or a lactation consultant who can come in and adjust a latch or a hold. The other thing that is different than later on when your nursing is finding a spot that is more comfortable for you. When your child is older, you can nurse them in the park and it's not a big deal; but in the beginning, find a nice chair that you are comfortable in, get some nice pillows. Really set yourself up for success and comfort. Just know that it's a process. One week you will have an issue and the next week, you will have another issue. None of that puts an issue to nursing, you just find someone to help you work around it.

Watch Zoe Rogers's video on Tips to help with nursing...


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Zoe Rogers


Zoe Rogers lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids, ages six and two. 

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