Water birth versus home birth

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Water birth versus home birth

I had both a water birth and a home birth, in bed. Basically, I think the difference is, for me, water birth was so relaxing. I think water is a naturally coming fluid, and the baby is actually in water, in the amniotic sack, and then birthing into water where its a really natural and soothing experience for mom and baby. I really enjoyed that. It was so calming and relaxing. You can't always plan a water birth. I wanted to have my third birth as a water birth, but it just didn't happen because the contractions were slowing down in the water, so I had to get out of the tub and walk around to help speed up the contractions. I ended up birthing my third child back in bed.

Watch Stephanie Caspian's video on Water birth versus home birth...


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Stephanie Caspian

Preschool Director and Mom

Stephanie Caspian owns a child-directed preschool and daycare called Maple Tree where they practice nonviolent communication (NVC). She lives in Santa Monica with her husband and three boys. Stephanie is the president of the board of Manhattan Beach Nursery School and an assistant den leader for the Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts of America. Her spiritual practice is Nichiren Buddhism in the Soka Gakkai and she dedicates her spare time to the SGI-USA, an international organization that promotes peace, culture and education in the community.

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