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Home Births and Birthing Centers Videos

Certified Nurse Midwife Naomi Hannah, CNM, shares everything you need to know about giving birth at birth center and the benefits of using a birth center
Watch Naomi Hannah, CNM's video on Dealing with home birth complications...
Naomi Hannah, Certified Nurse Midwife, shares advice on how to have a safe homebirth, and how a midwife helps to make homebirths so safe
Naomi Hannah, Doula, shares advice on whether or not it is alright for your other children to witness your home birth, and how to help prepare your children for your... read more
Certified Nurse Midwife Naomi Hannah, CNM, explains the process and benefits of having a home birth with a midwife
Watch Video: Requirements for a safe home birth by Naomi Hannah, CNM, ...
At-home birthing versus birthing in a hospital: Laura Dahl shares her own experience transitioning from an at-home birth to a birth at the hospital.
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More and more women are going back to the basics and choosing home births over having their babies in a hospital.
Actor Sam Jaeger shares advice for new fathers on how to best be supportive to your wife or partner while she is in labor
Actor & Producer Ricki Lake explains the reasons why she had a home birth and why she would recommend the experience to women
Learn about: Why Ricki Lake made "The Business of Being Born" from Ricki Lake,...
Obstetrician Gynecologist Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the pros and cons associated with having a home birth, and for whom she would recommend having a home birth
Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD discusses the pros and cons of giving birth at home and explains why home births are becoming increasingly popular
Professional Doula Ana Paula Markel, shares advice for pregnant women on what the various pros and cons of having a water birth at home are
Watch Laura Dahl's video on Thoughts on home birth after unsuccessful attempt...
Stephanie Caspian discuss the cost of having a home birth, what a home birth's cost is relative to a hospital birth, and tips for getting your insurance to cover the cost
Watch Stephanie Caspian's video on Water birth versus home birth...
Watch Video: Home birth versus hospital birth by Stephanie Caspian, ...
Stephanie Caspian explains an issue that she encountered during her home birth and how having a midwife with her during her home birth was able to help resolve the pr
See Stephanie Caspian's video on Home birth attendees...
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