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The Process of Childbirth

The event you’ve been anticipating for months is around the corner and you’re curious, maybe slightly worried, about the signs of labor. How will it feel? When will it happen? How long will my labor be? How will I know it is time? Every birth is different but we can help you identify some labor signs to watch for.

Signs of Labor

The first step towards labor occurs one to four weeks before baby comes. Before labor can begin, your baby will have to descend into your pelvis to get into position for their big exit. You might find you’re waddling more and taking lots of bathroom breaks due to baby’s new position. Though there is more pressure on your bladder, your lungs should have some more breathing room as baby moves down.
As baby lowers, your body begins its own preparations. The cervix begins to dilate and efface days or weeks before delivery. Your vaginal discharge will increase during the last few weeks of pregnancy to help the passage of the baby. You might feel increased cramps and back pains as your muscles and joints shift and ... Read more

Prenatal Chiropractor Elliot Berlin, DC, shares advice on the best ways to induce labor naturally with chiropractic care, massages, and acupuncture
At-home birthing versus birthing in a hospital: Laura Dahl shares her own experience transitioning from an at-home birth to a birth at the hospital.
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Women generally go into labor around the 39 or 40 week mark of their pregnancy. Expecting mothers can have very unique birthing plans, but regardles, labor will progress... read more
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For almost nine months, you've have a big belly, swollen ankles and exausthion. You're ready to hold your tiny newborn in your arms and look down at them. read more
OBGYN Jay Goldberg, MD, explains what the dilation process is during labor and at what point of dilation the pushing process begins in childbirth
Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD, shares advice for women on what to do if your water breaks early during pregnancy and when it may be a cause for concern
Actor Sam Jaeger shares advice for new fathers on how to best be supportive to your wife or partner while she is in labor
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the differences between using piton to augment labor and induce labor and how pitocin can be helpful during labor when contractions are... read more
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains how the labor and birth experience with an induction are different from ones without an induction
OBGYN Lauren Hyman, MD, explains the factors that may mean a mother needs to have an induction and risks associated with inductions
Prenatal Chiropractor Elliot Berlin, DC, shares advice on the helpful benefits that chiropractic care can have on labor and delivery for pregnant women
Ana Paula Markel, Professional Doula, explains the three different stages of childbirth and what each stage entails and how long it typically lasts
OBGYN Jay Goldberg, MD, shares advice on various methods that can help to induce labor in women if you are after your due date
OBGYN Mike Brisinger, MD, explains whether or not it is safe to eat or drink while in labor, and why it can be a bad idea if you have to have an emergency section
OBGYN Anthony Chin, MD, shares advice on how sex can help to induce labor depending on how many weeks pregnant you are
Ana Paula Markel, Doula, explains the early signs of labor to watch out for so you know that you should call your doctor or head to the hospital
OBGYN Mike Brisinger, MD, explains when the best time to go to the hospital is when going into labor, depending on various personal factors
OBGYN Mike Brisinger, MD, explains the cause of back labor or back pain during labor and what the best methods for treating the pain are
Entrepreneur, Laura Dahl, shares how a midwife helped her through a stalled delivery.
Ana Paula Markel, Doula, shares advice for women who are scared of giving birth on how to overcome your fears

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