Picky eaters

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Picky eaters

My youngest daughter is the pickiest eater. My oldest daughter would eat sashimi. My youngest daughter will eat nothing but mac and cheese. It is distressing to me, as a mom, because I want her to eat all different kinds of foods. We have a rule where we just say, "Try one bite. You don't have to finish it, but at least try a bite of tempeh," or whatever it is I'm trying to get her to eat. I think the really important thing is to have fun and not -- It's so easy to get upset about it, and you need to distract, be creative, and have fun. For instance, if my daughter is having cereal and I'm desperate for her to eat some banana in that cereal. I talk about, "The monkeys will be very upset if she does not eat bananas in her cereal." We may talk about the monkeys in the zoo. We may sing about the zoo. We may sing about monkeys. You got to get creative.

View Dani Shear's video on Picky eaters...


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Dani Shear

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Dani Shear is a writer and the mother of two kids, who are five years apart – an age gap she highly recommends. When her daughter was seven months old, Dani and her husband decided to change her name – a process that leads her to believe that if you can possibly agree on a name before putting it on the birth certificate, it would be a really smart idea!

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