Benefits of high back boosters

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Benefits of high back boosters

High back boosters are safer than backless boosters for many reasons. In a crash, the bottom only backless booster will move and shift, and that can potentially and does cause damage to the child. There's too much movement that we don't want to see, and a high back booster prevents that. The best is, for your child, a high back booster with a harness., and then when they outgrow the harness, a high back booster with a belt positioned. And then if they still need something, that same seat may move into a bottom only booster, but high back booster definitely is the safest way to go.

Watch Cynthia Crothers's video on Benefits of high back boosters...


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Cynthia Crothers of KidzSeatz Carseat Installation Service is a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Specialist in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Cindy is the mother of five daughters and has six grandchildren.  An eager student, Cindy had the opportunity to go through a five day training with Sit Safe, the VW and Audi CPS training program. Amazed at how car seats and car seat safety has changed over the years, Cindy became a strong advocate for child passenger safety starting with her own grandchildren. Thousands of families later, she currently offers detailed hands-on training sessions for parents and caregivers. A parent needs to know how to customize and reinstall their car seat correctly and use it correctly for their child to have the best chance of surviving a crash. Vehicles are the number one killer of children under 16 years old. To Cindy, nothing is more important in protecting children on the move.

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