Tips for pacifier weaning

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Tips for pacifier weaning

The best way to create a tear-free pacifier weaning experience for your child is to involve them in the process. Some children go a little bit longer with the pacifier than others, to the age of two, three, or four, and that's okay if they are very orally driven. It's okay to let them have it. Once you decide that it's time to give it up, do two things. This is what we did and it worked really well. We talked to our dentist and asked what's the latest our child can go. Our dentist said the age of four because after the age of four, it can affect the bite and the permanent teeth. We had that knowledge and we shared it with our three year old and said, "The latest you can go is your fourth birthday. When you do decide to give it up," part two, you tell them there is going to be a pacifier fairy that's going to come and bring them a special big kid prize. It's only for kids who don't need a pacifier, just like the neighbor who no longer needs a pacifier. "What we are going to do is save up all your pacifiers, we going to give them to the pacifier fairy, and she is going to recycle them and give them to all the babies that don't have pacifiers." I guarantee you, your child is going to be so excited to finally give that pacifier up. They are going to be ready to go. When they say they are ready, put all the pacifiers under the pillow, have a treat ready for your child the next day. The next day, they are going to be done. Within 24 hours, you are going to be done using the pacifier.

Watch Marni Ayers's video on Tips for pacifier weaning...


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