Tips for limiting media use

See Marni Ayers's video on Tips for limiting media use...
Tips for limiting media use | Kids in the House
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Tips for limiting media use

The best way to restrict television and media use is to come up with a family plan. Either you allow 30 minutes a day, which is very common, or if you're like our family, we've just decided that we are too busy for TV during the week. We are too busy with homework and family time and playing games together. We've decided that only on the weekends can our kids have TV. Now, the other thing to pay attention to is computer time. Not only in your own home, but in other homes where your child is going to be. It's very important that you let the other family know that your child has restrictions about TV and computer, so that there is no mysterious TV show that they shouldn't be watching or that there is internet on without any supervision. These are things you really want to lay out ahead of time, when they are going on a playdate.

See Marni Ayers's video on Tips for limiting media use...


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