Tips on taking a road trip with toddlers

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Tips on taking a road trip with toddlers | Kids in the House
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Tips on taking a road trip with toddlers

Oh road trips with toddlers are always fun! My girls are 3 and 2 and we do a lot of road trips up to Northern California to visit grandma and grandpa, so I’m always on the road with my girls I feel like. What I like to do is prepare for the trip a couple days before. I will get everything packed, signed, sealed, delivered 2 days before. I pack a bag of clothes for the girls. I pack a bag of supplies – lotions, diapers, wipes, that kind of thing. And then I also pack a bag of snacks so that the night before we leave for our trip, I load everything up and it’s done. And I don’t have to worry about anything the day of. The day of, when it’s time to leave, I ideally like to schedule our trip when it’s time for the girls to nap. I usually give the girls lunch. We then get on the road. They conk out for a couple hours, 1.5 hours, because it’s during their nap time. And that takes up half the trip for me for a 3-hour road trip, so it’s perfect. When they wake up, we like to listen to music, all of their favorite songs. We sing. We have parties, all in a safe way of course, because you want to keep your eyes on the road as a parent. But listening to their music helps, because they love to sing along. One other thing that I like to do is to give them those little magnetic etch-a-sketch drawing tools with the magnetic pen that’s connected so they can occupy themselves and draw and erase. And it’s also not a choking hazard, because that’s something that’s just so scary and something that freaks me out when I think about a toddler possibly choking in the back seat, because that’s a real hazard. So I keep my eye on them, make sure they’re safe. It all goes according to plan, usually. But it’s always a lot of fun. The key is preparing when you’ve got to take toddlers in the car.

Watch Video: Tips on taking a road trip with toddlers by Jill Simonian, ...


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