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Foods for healthy brain development in children with Autism

-Leana: We talked a little bit about food and what food can help maybe any kid actually.

- Jane: Yes, the food choices we're going to talk about today are good for any child. It's to support the developing brains. We're going to talk about ways to introduce key brain nutrients into your child's diet.

- So let's see what you have. I'm going to hand them to you and you talk.

- The gut flora is extremely important. We know that there are studies that show that having the wrong bacteria in your gut can cause anxiety. Having the right bacteria in your gut can help to prevent a lot of neurologic conditions. The American Psychiatric Association is now starting to introduce the gut microbiome as treatment for psychiatric disorders.

- Wow.

- So having the right bacteria in your gut-

- How about those little pills that you take, probiotic pills?

- Some of those probiotic pills work, however, those bacteria need to be alive, and in a lot of the pills, they are dead by the time they get to you. The reason why eating yogurt is the best thing to ... Read more

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