Dietary therapy for autism

Watch Video: Dietary therapy for autism by Stephanie Rotondi, ...
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Dietary therapy for autism

Diet and supplements have done such wonders with my child. We had him on the gluten and casein free diet since he was three and a half, which helped him so much. It´s just really high allergens and by taking those out of his diet, it has increased his attention. It has helped his digestion. So many things. We also do a lot of supplements. And that´s just based on what his body needed. We did lab testing to see what his body was missing, what he was low on and we were able to add the supplements based on that and kind of regulate his body or to assist his body to do what it naturally does through that, through different supplements like detoxifiers or different enzymes, just really great products to help his body be stronger.

Watch Video: Dietary therapy for autism by Stephanie Rotondi, ...


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Stephanie Rotondi

Mom & Autism Advocate

Stephanie Rotondi is the program coordinator for Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to autism treatment and recovery. As a mother to an autistic son, Max age six, she has a deep understanding of how research, treatment and support can benefit families living with autism. 

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