Behavioral therapies for autism

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Behavioral therapies for autism

Behavioral therapies we used were the ABA, the Applied Behavioral Analysis. That's where the therapist is gonna come into your home and work with your child several hours a week on whatever the concerns are. You develop goals with your therapist and then work together with your child and the therapist to address that. So with my child we addressed his following directions, listening, building on conversation skills. They can do everything from reducing tantrums or what are called stims, which are repetitive behaviors. So my child had a lot of that and so the behaviorist, the ABA, was able to work with that to reduce that.

Watch Stephanie Rotondi's video on Behavioral therapies for autism...


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Stephanie Rotondi

Mom & Autism Advocate

Stephanie Rotondi is the program coordinator for Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to autism treatment and recovery. As a mother to an autistic son, Max age six, she has a deep understanding of how research, treatment and support can benefit families living with autism. 

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