How to "make it happen"

How to "make it happen"
How to "make it happen" | Kids in the House
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How to "make it happen"

What I want to tell kids in life is you can do anything you want to. There's 3 things I have learned, you can dream it, you can hope it, or you can make it happen. I choose in my life to make it happen 'coz that's the one way you're gonna get it. Dream it, oh I wish that, hope it, I hope that happens, but if you make it happen, you can go out there and show them what you can do.


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Ezra Frech


Nine-year-old Ezra was born with a shorter left leg and only one finger on his left hand. When he was only two and a half years old, Ezra underwent extensive surgery to amputate his foot on the shorter leg and use one of his toes to create a second finger on his left hand. Now, Ezra uses a prosthetic leg to not just walk around, but to compete in sports including basketball, football, karate, and track and field.

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