How to walk with a prosthetic leg

How to walk with a prosthetic leg
How to walk with a prosthetic leg | Kids in the House
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How to walk with a prosthetic leg

The way I move my leg is I have a shorter leg but I can't control this bottom part. So the way I move my leg is with this. When the knee is bent, it doesn't lock so its hard to go upstairs and lot of stuff but you have to figure it out. When you push on the heel, say when I am walking I push the heel, it will lock and then I hit the toe, it will bend. Ok so that's how I walk. And when you're walking back, you don't have to think about it but when I'm walking back, I have to make sure my foot is at the right spot so that I don't trip and fall. On my cheetah leg, I have no heel, so when I try to lean back, I'll just fall backwards, so its hard at first but you get used to it. It kind of becomes normal.


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Ezra Frech


Nine-year-old Ezra was born with a shorter left leg and only one finger on his left hand. When he was only two and a half years old, Ezra underwent extensive surgery to amputate his foot on the shorter leg and use one of his toes to create a second finger on his left hand. Now, Ezra uses a prosthetic leg to not just walk around, but to compete in sports including basketball, football, karate, and track and field.

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