The benefits of childhood activities

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The benefits of childhood activities

Well I think you know putting your kids in activities and keeping them busy, one, keeps them out of big trouble. You know my kids are in their 20's now. And at the time they grew up, we didn't have cell phones and Facebook and all these activities that really, really take up a lot of kids' time. Which my kids at that point were either involved in some kind of activity in sports or they just weren't on the internet. And the internet, not that I'm saying, the internet is great, but you got to keep your kids busy. You got to put them in activities that their always excelling in, because the idle mind I think is what really gets most kids in trouble. There's so much on the Twitters and Facebooks and stuff that is not positive. It's not positive and your kids are influenced tremendously by what is on the social networks. So I think keeping them busy in things like I talked about, sports or academic things, or clubs or anything that they are actually, they're mixing minds, real minds one on one. For me it worked. I mean my kids are incredible. Would they have been with the internet? I would've hoped they would've been. That's just my opinion.
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Watch Ron Sorensen's video on The benefits of childhood activities...


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Ron Sorensen

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Ron Sorensen is the father of Sheena, 28, Soleil, 24, and Sommer, 22. He’s been married to his wife, Sally, for 32 years, and is a photographer, artist and an avid tennis player. Ron played college sports and used principles learned as an athlete to give direction and motivation to his kids. 

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