Social etiquette for the college admissions process

See Robert K. Cooke, MEd's video on Social etiquette for the college admissions process...
Social etiquette for the college admissions process | Kids in the House
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Social etiquette for the college admissions process

There is an etiquette to this process that's important for kids to understand and I think for their parents to understand as well. You will probably be told no at some point by a college. And all of your kid's friends will be told no as well. And likewise, you will be told yes at some point also. So it's really key to take all of those setbacks and all of those victories and to be modest about them. When you score well on a standardized test, when you get a letter from a college that sounds promising, when you get an acceptance from a college, try to keep that modestly private within the family. And likewise, bear in mind that when you get in somewhere, you may want to celebrate, but your best friend may have just been told no. And so you need to really try to be mindful of other people's feelings in that process. Try to handle it with tact and delicacy. Don't be the family, don't be the kid that's bragging about it. Be the family, be the child that's modestly happy. And if someone asks you, you can respond and tell them the truth. But try not to be the one that's out there trumpeting it for everyone to hear.
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See Robert K. Cooke, MEd's video on Social etiquette for the college admissions process...


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