Cleaning up your child's social media profile

See Robert K. Cooke, MEd's video on Cleaning up your child's social media profile...
Cleaning up your child's social media profile | Kids in the House
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Cleaning up your child's social media profile

It is important for families to realize that colleges can and do sometimes look at digital profiles that students have created. Therefore, make sure that kids set all of their privacy settings so that the random passer by can't be looking at what they're posting on their Facebook page or Instagram or anything else. Now of course students should do that anyway, just for safety sake. But it's even more important when they're applying for college and then when they're applying for jobs. Because employers can do the same sorts of searches and see what students have posted there. I think that students should also be wary that sometimes when they like a college, which is fairly typical. Oh I love that college, I'm going to like it. That can sometimes give colleges entre into Facebook pages and other social media, just because they're now a friend, and they get to see everything that a normal friend does. So students need to be really careful about how they set those settings and how they interact with colleges in that regard. Colleges also can sometimes tell when students have set a real Facebook page and then a for public consumption Facebook page. But ultimately I don't think that kids should be that concerned about all of this. Use common sense. Post things on your Facebook page that you wouldn't mind anyone seeing. And then colleges will be happy with what they can see as well.

See Robert K. Cooke, MEd's video on Cleaning up your child's social media profile...


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Robert K. Cooke, MEd

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Robert has been in K-12 education for thirty years; for sixteen years he was a high school history and social studies teacher, teaching subjects such as AP US History, Western Civilization, World History, Economics, and Anthropology. His school administrative career has been equally varied, serving as Director of Activities at a large public high school, and a Middle School Director and Upper School Director at independent (private) schools in the Midwest and California. Robert earned his Bachelor's Degree in History from Carleton College, and his Master's in Education from Claremont Graduate University. He is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Robert has served on school accreditation teams in the Midwest and California. He has two children, one of whom is an acting and English Literature double major at a large urban university on the East Coast, while the other is a high school junior in Los Angeles.


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