Creating the best student-teacher relationship

Watch Video: Creating the best student-teacher relationship by Kelley King, ...
Creating the best student-teacher relationship | Kids in the House
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Creating the best student-teacher relationship

Your child's relationship with the classroom teacher is really, really important. It's really the foundation of trust and comfort in a classroom where kids can go where they feel like they will be supported and cared about and from there they can take the risks that are necessary associated with learning, so that relationship is so important. In fact, some kids, more often boys than girls, will just shut down if they don't feel like they have a good relationship with the teacher, if they feel like the teacher doesn't like them or doesn't appreciate their sometimes off-beat sense of humor. They just shut down and it becomes quite self-sabotaging for the child. Girls are less likely to shut down because they continue to have more of a desire to please, generally speaking, than do boys in the classroom. So, it's really critical, and I think what parents can do is talk with the child about how things are going at school, be really careful not to make disparaging remarks about the teacher in front of the child. Kids have ears, and their antennae are really high, and they hear them. And so, if we further plant doubt that can be a problem so be really careful about that. If you have concerns, go to a parent-teacher conference and invite your child to come and just observe the interaction or observe in the classroom to see what the teacher-student chemistry is like in the classroom. And then if you have concerns, talk with the principal and the teacher collaboratively together to figure out how to improve that relationship for your child's benefit.

Watch Video: Creating the best student-teacher relationship by Kelley King, ...


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Kelley King

Educational Consultant & Author

Kelley King has been a K-12 public school educator for over 25 years with work in the areas of school administration, gifted education and special education. Kelley is currently the Associate Director of the Gurian Institute and provides on-site and online workshops for parents and teachers internationally. Kelley is a co-author, with Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens, of two books on education: Strategies for Teachings Boys and Girls: A Workbook for Elementary Educators and Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls: A Workbook for Secondary Educators. Kelley finished her third book entitled Writing the Playbook, a guide for principals on creating schools that honor the unique strengths and characteristics of boys. Kelley is the mother of an 18-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter.

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