Individual tutoring for better test taking

See Megan Macmanus's video on Individual tutoring for better test taking...
Individual tutoring for better test taking | Kids in the House
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Individual tutoring for better test taking

A lot of people are not sure whether to do tutoring if their child has either test taking anxiety or if they're preparing for big standardize test like the SAT's. Individual tutoring can be very helpful, but like anything it's what you put into it is what you gonna get out of it. If your child is more motivated child, they can sometimes benefit from a class which is a little bit of a cheaper option. Honestly, most kids will benefit more from one on one tutoring because it's gonna get to their strength and weaknesses as quickly as possible. So you are not wasting your money with the kids learning the same thing over and over again, and at the same time you are really targeting instructions that the things that your kids specifically does not know are the things they're gonna discover. There's a lot of tips, techniques, strategies, tricks that kind of thing especially for multiple choice test that kids can really benefit from learning. You can sometimes learn from a book but again having somebody explain it to them one on one is usually gonna be the most helpful option that gonna get you the best results.

See Megan Macmanus's video on Individual tutoring for better test taking...


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Megan Macmanus

Mom & Writer

Megan Hyndman is the mother to two-year-old Finnegan and a newborn, Saoirse. She is a writer, yoga teacher and private tutor and has recently started her own tutoring company, Honors Educational Services.  She and her husband Jason have been married since 2006, and since that time they’ve gone from a couple who thought they never wanted kids to a family of five, if you count the dog – and the 60-lb Rottweiler mix is definitely one of the kids.  The first baby under six months either parent ever saw was their own son, after a home birth, so they had to learn everything from scratch.  As a home birthing, cloth-diapering, infant potty-training, breastfeeding, sort of co-sleeping parent planning to home school, who also vaccinates, circumcises, disciplines, watches TV with Finn way more than she should and works full time, Megan doesn’t really fit into any “Mommy groups” – and that’s okay with her. Megan’s parenting philosophy is the same philosophy she tells her tutoring students: Use What Works for You.  

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