Tips for surviving the Juvenile Court System

Watch Lt. Joe Laramie's video on Tips for surviving the Juvenile Court System ...
Tips for surviving the Juvenile Court System | Kids in the House
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Tips for surviving the Juvenile Court System

Parents have asked me because I've spent many years as a Police Juvenile officer. Parents have asked me, what do I do when my kids in trouble with the police and they have to go to a Juvenile Court? The first thing we have to remember is that, what is the purpose of the Juvenile Court? It is not like a adult court for little kids, it is really designed for young people. People who have not reached an age of elder make good decisions and so they are learning through the Juvenile Court system certain things that is going to be the process you want to make sure that you understand that this is not about punishment, this is about helping your kid to do a better job in their future. The biggest thing is to go into it not with a "I am going to get my kid out of trouble" perspective but going into it with "I am going to help my kid not being trouble again". That is the best advice I can give to any parents is to go into it as a team with the court instead of adversarial with the court.

Watch Lt. Joe Laramie's video on Tips for surviving the Juvenile Court System ...


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Lt. Joe Laramie

Former Police Lieutenant

In 2012 Lt. Joe Laramie (retired) formed Laramie Consulting, where he provides strategies and solutions for law enforcement and schools to address policy and training on a variety of technology and child exploration issues. He has 30 years of experience in the area of child protection, was certified Police Juvenile Specialist and taught D.A.R.E. for 15 years. From 2010-2011 he worked for the Missouri Attorney General as Adminstrator of Computer Forensics Lab, responsible for addressing online crimes against children, cyber bullying and human trafficking. In 2010, after 31 years of service he retired as a Lieutenant from the Glendale Police Department, where he was detached form 2003-2010 as Commander of the Missouri Interent Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. During his time with MO ICAC he served the National ICAC Task Force Program as liaison to Interent Safety Organizaitons such as Netsmartz, iKeepSafe, and Web Wise Kids, and was a member of the Executive Committee. He is a nationally known speaker on the topic of online crimes against children, technology safety, and cyber bullying. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Bellevue University and is a 2004 graduate of the FBI National Academy.

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