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Why are they important?

From a legal standpoint, some cities, like Los Angeles, have daytime curfews for teens under age 18, who are not permitted in public places, including parks, vacant lots, restaurants, and amusement parks during the school year when school is in session. In Los Angeles, any teen under 18 is not permitted to be in a public place between 10 pm and sunrise the next day. Before setting a curfew time for your teen, be sure to check your local laws regarding day time and night time curfews for minors.
Punishment for violating juvenile curfew laws may include fines, community service, restriction of driving privileges, and possible detention in jail/juvenile hall.

Setting a Curfew

Lots of parents struggle with the decision to set curfews for their child. Perhaps you’re not sure what their friends parents have decided or are unclear about how late they really should be able to stay out.
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Mother Nature is amazing. She does everything for a reason.
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