Snooping on kids

Watch Video: Snooping on kids by Julie Hale, ...
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Snooping on kids

Snooping in your child's room or computer is really tricky business because you don't want to that you have with your child. But if there are big, red flags that you are seeing, maybe hearing about or other parents are hearing about something going on, absolutely. Until they are 18, their stuff is your stuff.

Watch Video: Snooping on kids by Julie Hale, ...


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Julie Hale

Progressive Mom

Julie Hale, LMFT, RYT, is a psychotherapist in private practice on the Westside that specializes in adolescents, divorce, co-parenting, and other familial issues. Julie is also the mother of 3 amazing, intelligent and interesting children (11,15,17) but wishes she could turn back the clock because they got too big too fast. She can be reached at

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