What is emotional literacy?

Watch Video: What is emotional literacy? by Jodi Wing, ...
What is emotional literacy? | Kids in the House
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What is emotional literacy?

Emotional literacy is a really interesting skill and your child needs it because it is a way of connecting the dots to what she learns in school, and what she is gleaning through the media. If 75 percent of all communication is non-verbal, then much of the important stuff that is being said, is not being said out loud. She has to learn how to read a situation, how to be able to define the behaviors that are coming her way, to assess the incoming fire; if you will. Then she can develop a "I know what this is. I can control this." Give them a sense of control in something that they might be confused by.

Watch Video: What is emotional literacy? by Jodi Wing, ...


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Jodi Wing

Educational Activist & Author

Jodi Wing is an author, educator, and an activist for girls and women. Her debut novel is entitled 'The Art of Social War,' which she says, "is about very bad behavior and girl-on-girl crime".  It is also based on The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, a 2500-proven philosophy which is a seminal treatise on conflict resolution and problem-solving. For the past three years, she created and evolved 'The Art of Peace Club' program within LAUSD/LA's BEST after-school Enrichment Program, teaching tween girls 'how to' manage social conflict and competition in their everyday lives. Over 300+ girls have graduated to date. She does not have children herself, but she does have 28,000 of them at LA’s BEST!

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